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AMI Entertainment’s corporate site needed to be the public face of a diversified brand, speaking equally to consumers, business partners, and third-party clients about the company’s line of jukeboxes and digital entertainment solutions.

I worked with a designer to create branding, content, and an overall content strategy and architecture that tied together the company’s many products and services in a fun and engaging way.



taptv-frontpagetaptv-triviaTap TV

Product websites are always a challenge — when the product is innovative and different, that goes double. Tap TV Tonight needed to educate consumers about a totally new type of bar game, while also providing features and detailed technical info for existing players.

I worked with the product team, support, and marketing to create content and content strategy that supported a growing product and tied into print and digital marketing campaigns.




Author, blogger, and all-around relationship maven Heidi Doheny needed an updated web presence to help promote her writing and digital media projects, while also setting the stage for an upcoming book release.

I worked with Heidi to fine-tune and edit each page on the site, then created a revamped bio and About page to convey her unique brand of relationship guidance to her readers and fans.




Brochures, White Papers, Et Cetera

I’ve also worked on a wide variety of smaller projects, from sales collateral and press releases to product brochures and print advertising. This is just a small sample of a very large body of work — if you’re interested in something specific, feel free to get in touch.

continental-sellsheet taptv-brochuregrandsheet



Digital Video

There’s more to digital than just the web! Check out this collection of sales reels featuring my on-screen copy and voice scripts.