other projects.



Fenwick Fizzle and the Tome of Minor Inconvenience is an indie adventure game inspired by old-school ’80s and ’90s point-and-click adventures. I did all the dialog and scripting. Built in AGS.



I self-published my first novel in 2012. It’s the farcical tale of an eternally befuddled British aristocrat, his unreliable servants, and the rapidly deteriorating country estate they call home.

Want to read it? Check out my Free Stuff! Want to throw money at me? It’s on Amazon, too!


Repellerator is a simple physics shooter I built in Unity 3D. You control a little geometric blob and use force pulses and physics to destroy swarms of spinning, featureless cubes. Designed to be played with a joystick, but keyboard works as well.

You can download Repellerator in my Free Stuff section.


Tap TV is an interactive TV network for bars. From 2012 to 2015, I was the primary copywriter for the brand, creating web content, marketing material, and thousands of trivia questions on everything from Bigfoot to the Battle of Bunker Hill.

More the former than the latter, admittedly.

products_lineupI also handled copywriting and content strategy for AMI Entertainment Network, makers of Tap TV and other fine entertainment products. (Did you know AMI was founded in 1909 to manufacture player pianos? Well, now you do.)